Adversity Builds Strength

Adversity Builds Strength

We've all thought about it. How "if I just could have this" or "if things were better, life would be nicer"

Yet hardships seem to be a part of life. Why is that?

Why can't life just be easy and simple?

I used to grow sprouts. And at first I thought that the best thing for them was water and sunshine. I mean, I should make it easy for them to grow, right?

But then I read about a particular sprout, and the best way to grow it. It said to grow them in darkness, without the light.

Why? Because by doing so, the plants would work harder to reach for the light, and become stronger, firmer in their resolve.

Since then I've also seen this approach used for growing seedlings, and then planting them in the light. The result is that the ones grown first in darkness, where they had to struggle, were stronger, and when they were transplanted into the light, they grew better than the same ones that had always been in the light. The ones that had never known what it was like to struggle.

How can we apply this to ourselves? Let's say the 'light' is knowing exactly what's going to happen, what to do, having everything go our way, and otherwise "easy sailing" through life. We don't have to struggle, and that's great, right? Well, think about what you would do. You'd relax, and take it easy. Would you grow? Probably not. Would you become strong? Again, probably not.

We'd like think that we would choose to become better and stronger, even when things were easy, but the truth is that we tend to like to work only as hard as we need to.

It is the adversity of life and the need to work hard to survive and get what we need and desire. Life knows how to put a proper figurative 'price tag' on the things that are worthwhile, andwon't take anything less.

And life, unlike many companies, won't give you a credit card so you can have it now and pay it back later. But I think that's a better way. Work hard for it, and then we can charish it more as we value it more because of the hard work we did to get it.

Note: don't use light in the above example to mean 'good'. It's never a good thing to sow 'wild oats', or to try out the 'bad things' of life, as those that do never have the guarentee that they will go back to the good. It would be like saying "I will try out addictive drugs and habits. Then I will know that they are bad and be stronger for the good." Said another way, "I will step in front of a speeding train, and when it runs me over, then I will know that trains are dangerous." Some things don't need to be 'tested out' for us to know that they are bad.