Lost in the Past

Lost in the Past

The past is a great place to learn things, and to give us that boost.

But sometimes we can get stuck in the past. We focus on things that can't be changed, and looking backwards, we wonder why we keep on stumbling. Like a hiker who keeps on looking behind themself at the beautiful vista and keeps tripping.

Or worse, they never see the beauty in from on them, because they are not looking at what is right before theirs eyes.

Instead, what we can do is understand that

The past is behind, Learn from it

The future is ahead, Plan for it

The Present is before us, Live in it.

There is a lot we can learn from the past, and there are great lessons about it.

And the Future is going to be a reality. So best prepare for it.

Yet it is only the present that we have. Everything else stems from it. The past is made by it. The Future is built from it.

What we do with it determines who we become. Who we are.

Are there things you can do right now? Things that will help you get to your better or best self.

"But I'm busy" you say. "I don't have the time." All you need is 5 minutes, really. Say you want to start that new project. Set aside 5 minutes to work on it.

Or do it during the commercials. Or while waiting for a friend. Just look for small intervals of time.

Because those small intervals of time will help determine you. For good or for bad.

I hope it will be for the good.

Best wishes. Because you're starting today, right? Make a list. Find that time.

Make the most of your "present" of the present. You'll be glad you did.